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Bunion (Hallux Valgus): Day case Bunion Surgery

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Bunion (Hallux Valgus): Day case Bunion Surgery

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Bunions or medically termed Hallux valgus is a progressive deformity of the big toe treated at our bunion clinic in London. We perform thousands of bunion surgery procedures to realign and straighten the big toe and align the joint. Bunion Surgery has come a long way over the past decade allowing foot surgeons to correct the deformity fully with early return to shoes and activity. Our foot surgeons will review your x-rays and examine you for your suitability to under the bunion surgery.

A Modern Bunion Surgery Clinic in London:

Bunions are a common occurrence in men and women and typically start progressing in their teens. It is well agreed amongst bunion surgeons that a strong genetic link exists in most cases. Our bunion specialists perform thousands of bunion corrective surgeries annually using the very latest techniques including minimally invasive bunion treatment. More than 50% of Women in the UK have bunions, therefore it is a common foot deformity. The problem often runs in families, although tight narrow shoes and high heels are often blamed.
bunionBunion surgery techniques have developed over the past two decade to produce procedures that produce consistent and reproducible outcomes. It is not uncommon for patients to return to sedentary desk jobs 2 weeks after the operation in specially developed protective boots.

Day Case Bunion Surgery:

There are several techniques available, often as day care (no in-patient stay), using ankle block local anaesthetic alone or combined with sedation or general anaesthesia. Most of the recovery occurs over 6-8 weeks, but full recovery is often longer. Modern bunion treatment allows you to put weight on the foot using specialist shoe straight away rather than struggling with simple day to day tasks after the operation.

The Evolution of Bunion Surgery:

Like all thing modern, bunion surgery techniques have taken a modern technique. Both in terms of philosophy, techniques and technology. What’s Important to patient and bunion surgeons:
  • Straight and cosmetically accepted toe position
  • Good movement in big toe joint
  • Return to smart footwear
  • Prevent recurrence of deformity

Keyhole Bunion Surgery:

The keyhole bunion treatment technique also known as the “MIS bunion surgery” has a number of benefits over traditional open surgery techniques. Your bunion specialist will discuss your suitability for this minimally invasive bunion correction method depending on the size of your bunion and xrays.
  • Quicker healing and recovery
  • Less Scarring
  • Reduced joint stiffness risk
  • Reduced Risks

Return To Life & Shoes:

  • Patients spend 2-3 weeks wearing a post op shoe and keeping the foot dry.
  • Once the sutures are removed, you wear an sports shoe or air cast boot for 2-3 more weeks and transition to normal weight bearing.
  • Typically after week 5 or 6, when x-rays show adequate bone healing, you can begin transitioning to normal activity and shoe wear.
  • The core principles of this technique ultimately come back to the foundation of our entire practice: create procedures that allow patients to treat their conditions preventatively, without the long and sometimes difficult recovery that older methods offer.

Introducing Re+ Line Bunion Correction:

bunion_surgery_4We were first to introduce the Re+ Line bunion correction system in the UK. This bunion surgery technology allows the surgeon to accurately correct moderate bunion deformity using evidence based chevron technique with a plate that allows improved stability for early weight-bearing and return to footwear.   Click here for surgeons technique guide.

Having Your Bunion Operation, London:

Our bunion specialist at bunion clinics, London performs hundreds of bunion corrective treatment every year. Bunion surgery traditionally has a bad reputation using older techniques. We only us evidence based techniques alongside modern technologically advanced techniques.

The advantages of these techniques are:

  • Quicker recovery
  • Return to most desk based jobs at 2 weeks
  • No casts
  • Well managed post-operative discomfort
  • In house physio and rehab.

Our Bunion Clinics London:

Harley Street Medical Centre, 27 Harley Street, London W1G 9QP Cadogan Clinic, 120 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9BW BMI London Independent Hospital, 1 Beaumont Square, London E1 Dubai Foot Clinic, Dubai London Clinic, Umm Suqeim 2, 971 800 352

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