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Morton’s Neuroma Treatment

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Morton’s Neuroma Treatment

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Morton’s Neuroma:

Morton’s Neuroma is a benign lump and thickening on a nerve in the ball of the foot. This is a common foot condition seen and treated at the London Foot & Ankle Surgery. The nerve becomes thickened due to chronic trauma as a result of repeated stress from adjacent bones and traction applied to the sensory nerves.

Morton’s neuroma symptoms vary from people to people. Patients often feel a ‘sock rolled up’ or a burning pebble feeling under the ball of the feet. Sometime an electric shooting sensation commonly to the 3rd and 4th toes is experienced. This is usually relieved by removing the shoes.

Morton’s Neuroma Diagnosis:


Our foot and ankle specialists would clinically assess the foot by palpating he painful area and eliciting a clicking sensation to assess the degree of symptoms. This will be followed by an ultrasound on an MRI scan to gauge the size and confirm the neuroma condition. We have specialise radiologists on our team that can accurately detect and diagnose Morton’s Neuroma of the feet.

You may be able to treat this problem at home:

Morton’s Neuroma Treatment:

We would aim to resolve the pain using a combination of treatments that have an evidence base and do not involve surgery in the first instance.

A combination of steroid or alcohol injections can help reduce pain and shrink the nerve and are often recommended as first line. Specialised insole that improve foot position and reduce pinching of the nerve by the bones can also help.

Should surgery be required, then a neurectomy procedure involves removing the damaged Morton’s Neuroma as day case surgical procedure and can be done under local anesthetic.



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