Tailors Bunionette Surgery – Mini Bunion – 5th toe Bunion

Tailors bunionette often know as a mini bunion occurs on the outerside of the foot rather than the big toe and can cause splaying of the forefoot and pain at the 5th toe joint. It can also be associated withs oft tissue swelling or bursitis.

The definitive reason for tailors bunionette condition is unknown but it has a combination of genetic factors resulting in hypermobility related to forefoot spreading and tight footwear.

Bunionette Diagnosis:

There can often be both cosmetic and functional concerns that are addressed through investigating with X-rays to assess degree of deformity and footwear fitting issues.

A bunionette is usually obvious on physical examination. X-rays may help to see if the foot has splayed and will help decide what needs to be done if surgery is necessary later.


Nonsurgical Treatment

May involve wide shoes, insoles or protective padding to the area.

Tailor’s Bunionette Surgery

Should surgery be required then it would involve an osteotomy procedure to reduce the width of the forefoot ad realign the metatarsal. Post operatively you can walk in a specialised shoe using an aid and return to trainers 2-3 weeks after the operation. It may be 2 months before you can return to impact sports.

Mr Kaser Nazir – Consultant Podiatric Surgeon specialises in this surgery that can be performed under local or general anaesthesia and is covered by all private medical insurers.