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Ankle injuries are often missed as patients attend accident and emergency where once ankle fracture is excluded, patients are sent home with advice to rest and prescribed painkillers. We at London Foot & Ankle Surgery see patients on a regular basis with persistent ankle pain ans instability on uneven surfaces whilst walking or playing sports. it is well known amongst ankle specialists that one third of ankle injuries do not heal well with long term problems. It is therefore imperative that a firm diagnosis is achieved with a thorough work up towards diagnosis with the help of Ultrasound, CT scan or MRI. Ankle Surgery is offered at London Foot & Ankle Surgery clinic for long term ankle problems where conservative treatments have failed, We will start with a comprehensive examination followed by appropriate investigations that are all in-house. Only then will a treatment plan be initiated. some common ankle complaints are listed below:

Footballer’s Ankle:

It is the anterior impingement caused due to trapping of tendons between the bones. This issue is common with sportsmen and dancers. Sometimes activity modification and guided injections can help. We offer key hole and open ankle surgery to remove the boney spurs that commonly cause this ankle problem.

Posterior Ankle Impingement:

Unlike footballer’s ankle, the impingement here occurs at the backside of your ankle. xrays and specialist MRI or CT are often required to confirm diagnosis. If conservative treatment fails then ankle surgery may be considered. This is common in footballers and ballet dancers. Again key hole surgery can help.

Ankle Instability (Loose or Weak Ankle):

When the ligaments are stretched or torn due to a violent twist or force on the ankle, it causes sprain. The treatment involves non-surgical plan and surgical ligament tightening ankle surgery. An Xray and MRI is often required for a thorough diagnosis. Ankle ligament repair surgery to repair the ankle for improved stability can be performed at our london ankle clinic.

Ankle Arthritis:

A preceding injury can inflict damage to a certain part of the joint. Your ankle surgeon examines your disorder through gait analysis while treatment can be done using arthroscopy and ankle fusion by foot and ankle surgeons. Ankle injections can help in the interim.
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