Posterior Ankle Impingement

The ankle bone (talus) sits on the heel bone (calcaneus), forming a secondary joint in the ankle (the subtalar joint). At the back of the ankle bone are two small bony lumps (tuberosities), one on the inside and one on the outside. In about 15% of people, the outside lump is naturally separated from the […]

Hammer Toe Surgery – Smart Toe Implant

Hammer ToeAmong the most common foot deformities are ‘hammertoes’: Hammertoes are caused by a muscular imbalance that prevents a toe from straightening – usually the result of poorly fitted shoes, which force the smaller toes into a bent position. This can cause the toe muscles to shorten and become painful over time. Surgery: Smart Toe […]

Heel Pain – Plantar Fasciitis & Other causes

Our central London clinic is home to consultants who specialise in treating heel pain. There are many causes of heel pain and a range of diagnostic tools are used to evaluate the condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. This condition typically manifests as […]

Flat Foot Treatment & Surgery

  Flat Foot Flat feet are a common finding in many groups of patients and can be related to both genetic factors or acquired through failure of supporting muscles, tendons and joints resulting a foot where the arch collapses. There are both flexible and varying degree of rigid flat feet depending on structural conformity of […]

Verrucae Treatment – Cryotherapy & Excision

Verruca are a type of wart that manifest on the sole of your foot. Warts are rarely painful, although some people find them irritating or embarrassing. However, Verruca are more likely to be painful and are often likened to standing on a needle. There are a range of verruca treatments available, although none are guaranteed […]

Footballer’s Ankle Treatment

Anterior Ankle Impingement This condition occurs when the ligaments or tendons in the ankle become trapped between the bones – causing pinching, or impingement. Anterior impingement is when the pinching occurs at the front of the ankle and can be caused when ligaments in the joint become thicker as a result of repeated ankle sprains. […]

Ankle Arthritis Surgery

The ankle is a complex joint that transmits the body forces via the lower limb to the foot by acting as a mobile adaptor and a lever arm. Ankle arthritis can occur following wear and tear or as a result of sport injury or trauma. This results in gradual thinning of the cartilage as well […]