A Positive Experience

From the first phone call with Anjelica who is Mr Nazir’s PA she put me completely at ease about my son’s foot. She is friendly and efficient and as a first point of contact I knew I had made the right decision in choosing Mr Nazir. My son was very nervous at the appointment with […]

Bunion Operation

I had an operation on my bunion on my right foot on Feb 5 by Mr. Kaser Nazir. I was very pleased with the result. It was not very painful at all and after three weeks I was getting around better than expected and on April 10  I walked fourteen miles in one day in […]

I recently had my bilateral bunion surgery with Mr Kaser Nazir and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I hardly experienced any pain following the procedure, and have had a smooth recovery following Mr Nazir’s advice. The rest of staff who have looked after me at the clinic during my follow-up appointments have been […]

Morton’s Neuroma Injection

For all you fearful patients with Morton’s neuroma out there! Please don be afraid of the injection. I spent days fearing the worst and Mr Nazir did the injection using the ultrasound machine and it was virtually painless. I don’t see what the fuss is about on the patient forums. Go to Mr Nazir, he […]

Flat Foot Correction

I had suffered form flat feet for many years making my feet ache every time I walked more than 15 minutes. I tried special orthotics and found that they just hurt my arch all the time. I have to thank this clinic for introducing me to the hyprocure procedure which I had done on both […]

Morton’s Neuroma

This clinic diagnosed my problem on my first visit. I saw Mr Nazir who suspected I had a Morton’s neuroma when I told him about pain in the ball of foot and 4th toe going numb. I had an ultrasound in the room next door and then an injection. This was 2 months ago and […]

Orthotics Insoles

I am pleased to inform you that after some years of pain in the back of my calves which I am sure was made worse by my running, the pain has almost disappeared with the use of the orthotics. B.Lewis

Shockwave for Heel Pain

After 6 months of agonising heel pain in the heels I can truly say that shockwave therapy has been a miracle. I really didn’t look forward to getting up in the mornings as the first 10 minutes were agony. I can only thank the team on harley street for providing me with a solution. Dave […]

Exostosis surgery

Dear Mr Kaser Nazir and the rest of the Podiatric surgery team. Thank you for your work on my toe, let’s hope the exostosis stays away! It’s healing very well and I ran for the first time post surgery yesterday. Thanks for putting me at ease during the actual surgery too. RJ

Hammer Toe Operation – Chris Dylkes

Mr Nazir is a wonderful surgeon and I would like to take this opportunity to endorse his skills and his bedside manner. Us gents are a little more nervous about going under the knife but this hammer toe had made life miserable. I was offered fusion of my toe next to the big one with […]