helloThe London Foot and Ankle Surgery provides a wide range of foot and ankle treatments for patients requiring both surgical and non-surgical care. Foot surgery is a highly specialised area of podiatric care and requires many years of specialist foot surgery training. The most common foot problems treated with evidence based foot surgery techniques are bunions, Hammer toes, Mortons Neuroma, big toe arthritis, flat feet and foot injuries. At our foot surgery clinic we pride ourselves in providing high quality one stop foot and ankle care in central London. The clinic has a multidisciplinary foot and ankle team working to provide optimum results. All of our foot surgeons, foot specialists and podiatrists at London Foot & Ankle Surgery have held or hold NHS positions, thus ensuring up to date knowledge and ongoing professional training. We, at London Foot and Ankle Surgery clinic would like to thank our patients who have provided us with written testimonials. Please find scanned copies of testimonials written by our patients below.

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