Deformed Toe Surgery & Hammer Toe Operation

Smart Toe Implant

Recent advances in toe surgery techniques and technology allow hammer toe correction and toe shortening without requiring wires sticking out of your feet for 6 weeks.

Mr. Kaser Nazir, consultant podiatric surgeon at the London Foot & Ankle Surgery, specialises in toe surgery has performed over 200 corrective operations using the “SMART TOE IMPLANT”. The implant sits within the ends of the toe bones after the knuckle joint is removed, allowing instant stability and correction of the deformity. The implant does not require removal and the memory metal technology allows compression of the bone fragments and promotes bone healing.
Most patients can return to closed shoes or trainers 2 weeks after the operation. “This has revolutionised and changed the way the traditional hammer toe operation has been performed in the past. Patients have less post operative swelling and return to work a week later in most straightforward cases”, says Mr. Nazir.

Smart Toe Implant Information:

Hammertoes are one of the most common foot deformities. It manifests as a bending of the smaller toes at the middle joint. Hammertoes are caused by a muscular imbalance, which prevents straightening of the toe – this is usually the result of poorly fitted shoes. Over time, the toe muscles shorten and lead to the deformity.

Information for Patients:

The compressive properties of the implant encourage bone union and rapid healing. There is no joint disruption, which is not the case when using screws. There is less pain during healing due to the eliminated risk of pin tract infection. There is also nothing external needed to maintain the new joint position.