Corn Removal Surgery

Corn and Callus Excision

Surgical removal of corns is advised when there is burning pain or the patient is concerned that they have developed unsightly lumps over the small joints of their toes. An elliptical incision is made over the corn allowing the full depth of the corn to be excised as well as the fibrous scar tissue and bursal tissue that is often present. You can carefully mobilise straight away but it is recommended that you try and rest as much as possible for the first 48 hours. You should avoid high impact activities for two-three weeks.  In some cases surgical corn removal is not suggested due to the size of the corn or the fact that it is caused by deformity of the toe. In such cases, correction of the toe to shorten or straighten the toe may also be recommended instead to avoid the risk of recurrence. Click here to find out more on toe correction.


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