Drop Foot

Drop foot is when it is difficult to lift the front of the foot, this can create difficulty when walking, where your foot will drag along the floor. This may cause you to lift your foot higher to compensate and avoid sliding along the floor.

Due to the nature of foot drop it will change your gait, which can cause you to slap your foot down with each step and create a numb feeling to your toes.

Causes of drop foot may include:

  • Nerve injury where a nerve in your leg that controls the muscles that lift your foot are compressed
  • Nerve injury where you have a pinched nerve in your spine.
  • Inherited muscular dystrophy
  • Brain and spinal cord disorders

If you find that your foot is dragging along the floor whilst walking then consult with your specialist. An MRI may be carried out to assess the underlying cause.

Treatment may include:

Ankle Foot Orthosis

Following a gait analysis and possible MRI your specialist may suggest an ankle foot orthosis (AFO). The custom brace helps control the position and motion of your ankle, as well as support weakened limbs.

Surgical Options

To find out more on surgical options to assist with flat foot caused by muscular dystrophy please click here. If the underlying cause is due to a nerve injury or brain/ spinal disorder then a neurologist or neurosurgeon may be suggested.