Drop Foot Surgery

Drop Foot Surgery (Tendon Transfer)

Tendon Transfer

Tendon Transfer can be carried out for both flat foot, high arched foot, unstable ankles and drop foot. As part of a flat foot corrective procedure, the damaged posterior tibial tendon, which attaches the muscle in the inner calf muscle to the bone on the inner side of your foot, is replaced by a transfer of the flexor digitorum longus tendon, which is found on the inner side of your leg. For dropped foot and high arched feet with unstable ankles, a range of tendon transfers are performed dependent on case by case. As part of the flat foot correction when the tibialis posterior tendon fails, an incision is made from the inner ankle so both tendons are exposed. The damaged section of the posterior tibial tendon is removed and replaced with a section of the flexor digitorum longus tendon, this is then sutured into place. The procedure is often carried out alongside a calcaneal osteotomy, gastrocnemius recession or midfoot fusion. You will require a cast for the first two weeks and will then start to use an Aircast boot for a further four weeks. At two weeks postoperative you should be able to return to sedentary work. Return to sports typically takes 6 months.