Foot Fracture Surgeries Carried Out By Experienced Foot Surgeons

The foot and leg is one of the most crucial areas of our body that needs to be functioning properly if we are to enjoy robust health. However, if our foot goes through some serious problems with the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves, then a doctor might recommend surgical procedures to correct such issues. Foot surgery becomes the only method of treatment if a person goes through a foot fracture. Going through a fracture in the foot can be extremely painful and requires immediate medical attention to rectify such issues.

There are multiple bone components within the foot and any of them can go through a fracture. To detect if there has been a fracture, the foot specialist is first going to perform an MRI or a CT scan to see the extent of the damage. Although not all fracture cases need surgery, a lot of them do. The goal for any surgical procedure in case of a foot fracture is to align all of the bones to their proper position, restore normal functioning, promote healing, as well as reduce possibilities of future problems like arthritis, loss of motion and persistent pains. Only the best foot surgeon with sufficient experience in managing various foot fracture issues can perform these surgeries in a flawless and efficient manner.

Here are some common types of foot fracture surgeries.

Calcaneus: This is a surgical procedure that is associated with fracturing of the heel bones. When the heel bone gets fractured, it can cause disruption of the joint between the heel bone and anklebone, known as the ‘Talus’. The surgical procedure can help to realign the affected joint surface and restore the anatomy. The surgical technique used in this case involves making an L-shaped incision just over the heel area or a number of smaller incisions within the same area. The surgeon then realigns the fracture, making sure that the joint surface works perfectly. Finally the surface is fixed with plates, screws and/or pins.

Navicular: The navicular bone is located right on the inside part of the mid-foot. A fracture may cause the bone to split into two fragments. Surgery involves making a cut right over the fracture. A surgeon then realigns the fracture to restore the anatomic position. Screws and a plate are used to secure the area.

Talus: This is a form of facture surgery that is carried out in the ankle bone area. When the ankle bone gets fractured, it is split into 2 large sections. If the injuries are severe, there can be additional dislocations of the nearby joints. Usually, the surgical technique involves making one or two precise incisions over the part below the ankle. The dislocations, if there are any, are fixed and then the two fragments of ankle bone are properly aligned. Plate and screws are then used for holding the area together.

Each of these surgeries may require additional medications and X-rays to work effectively. The surgeons may also recommend certain procedures to aid in quick recovery.