Foot Injury: Affect You at Any Point of Time

Whether you are an active sports person who loves to indulge in a lot of high octane fitness activities or prefer to live a laid back life, a foot injury or foot disorder can affect you at any point of time. If you become affected by a foot disease, injury or disorder, it is important that you get in touch with a foot clinic that can offer you the best medical solutions. If you experience the following signs or symptoms you should seek a specialist opinion.


If you wake up in the morning with pains in your foot, then you should definitely get it checked by a specialist as it can indicate plantar fasciitis or arthritis. In both cases, the pain is going to recede during the rest of the day as your foot loosens up. However, if you are affected by pains that only get worse through the day, then it is highly likely that you have got a fracture. The pain is also going to get reduced when you are resting and get aggravated when you are performing any strenuous activity. The fractures may be due to osteoporosis or low bone density.


Numbness in your feet can be indicative of more serious problems such as peripheral artery disease or diabetes. Peripheral artery disease causes narrowing of arteries which reduces blood flow, thus resulting in numbness. Diabetes can impact blood circulation of the body which may lead to numbness. In many cases, diabetes can cause damage to the skin and this can lead to complete loss of feeling on the feet. Breakage of skin coupled with formations of ulcerations may also occur to people suffering from diabetes. Numbness may also indicate other kinds of neurological problems and arthritis. In some instances, long-standing alcoholism may also lead to numbness of the feet.


Itching and scaly feet can indicate athlete’s foot which is a type of fungal infection. Sometimes fungal infections can be observed on the toes as well. Such issues can be rectified by prescription antifungal medications.


Discoloration of the skin in your feet may be caused by cancer that has affected your feet. One of the common conditions causing skin discoloration under your feet is melanoma which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. You may also have dark spots and patches under your nails which can be signs of cancer.

Cold feet:

Cold feet is mainly caused by insufficient blood flow in your feet. Poor circulation is mostly associated with PAD. Some of the risk factors that may cause cold feet include high blood pressure, smoking, heart disease, as well as a history of stroke. If coldness of feet is also accompanied by toes with changing colors that shift from blue or white to red can indicate Raynaud’s disease, a very common condition where blood vessels constrict and spasm due to cold temperatures.