Why Does Foot Pain Happen?

These days, when you look around yourself you would see that most people are suffering from foot pain of some sort or the other. For that, even when you ask doctors they will tell you the same thing – they will say that a sizeable portion of their patients are suffering from this ailment. However, have you ever wondered as to why this happens? If you ask the doctors most of them will tell you that the shoes are the biggest reason why it happens. At times, foot pain can also indicate other severe problems. One of the major reasons as to why foot pain happens is that most people these days are carrying far more weight than they should.

Weight issues:

When you are overweight you are putting extra pressure on your leg – especially the ankle and the feet. This is especially applicable when you are walking or using your legs in some way or the other. Diabetes is also one major reason as to why so many people suffer from foot pain. Diabetes these days has “grown” from a hereditary or genetic disease to a lifestyle one. In most cases, you would see that they are complaining about feet pain as well.

Diabetic issues:

This happens mostly because in more types of disease you see an increase in the levels of glucose in the patient’s bloodstream. This increased sugar level can affect the nerves and blood vessels in your feet in a bad way. In diabetes your feet can become numb and there is always a great risk that you would get wounded. At times, your feet can be infected as well. In some severe cases it is seen that people’s feet have had to be amputated because of diabetes. Rheumatoid arthritis is also one major issue in this regard.

Rheumatoid arthritis:

In rheumatoid arthritis you experience pain in your joints. At times, your feet can get swollen and you could be suffering from pain that can be well beyond your limits of tolerance. In fact, arthritis can also change the way your feet look. In case your arthritis becomes extreme you could start suffering from gout as well. This happens when the levels of uric acid increase in your body and then settle on your toes. This is especially applicable in case of your bigger toe. If you are suffering from such ailment then you can be sure that the pain would be unbearable as well. The only way you can get rid of this condition is by drinking sufficient water, regular exercise, and diet. At the very least this would help you reduce the pain.

Peripheral artery disease:

In case you are suffering from this disease you will experience some contraction in your legs. This means that blood circulation in your legs is affected as well. One of the major reasons as to why this happens is because of smoking. So, if you are in the habit of smoking as well you should refrain from it so that you can take good care of your health.