Foot Treatments: The Problem of Flat Foot

The Problem of Flat Foot Treatments

Flat foot is not solely a cosmetic issue. Flat foot is capable of disrupting normal functionality as well. This is primarily the reason why it remains one of the most sought after foot treatments sought today.

Flat Foot: Is it Really a Problem?

Very simply put, a flat foot deprives you of a normal arch when you are standing. As has already been indicated above – the implications of this condition are actually more serious than what you might think. The absence of the arch leads to excruciating pain when you are involved in strenuous activities. Alternately known as fallen arches or pes planus, this particular condition is quite common among infants and tends to disappear once they are two or three years of age. However, the problem arises when it lasts through your adulthood.

Getting in touch with a foot surgeon is absolutely recommended and once you get in touch, you might well be recommended the following measures.

Flat Foot Treatment: What can you Expect?

Bringing about modifications to your activity is essential and is often the starting point of rehabilitation. You need to reduce activities that cause pain. Cutting down on activities like long walks or rigorous exercises that have a direct effect on your ankle might prove helpful.

Shoe Modifications: Are they Really Necessary?

You might be asked to consider shoe modifications. Are you wearing shoes that support your arches? Your podiatrist might well suggest the introduction of orthotics to your shoes. These devices are designed to support arches. If you’re procuring bespoke orthotics then you are bound to notice the difference since these insoles are capable of resolving the problem of flat feet and reduce risks of deformity.

Weight loss is another method of lessening flat foot problems. If you have put on too much weight then do consider taking action, as excessive weight does end up putting pressure on your arches thereby aggravating your symptoms.

In case you are affected by more serious problems you might well be advised on using a walking cast or to avoid weight bearing altogether.