How Ankle Pain Can Cost You Dear

Staying healthy means that you live a painless life. But it is often not possible because of the daily physical stress that we have to endure. Ankles are an important part of our body and carry the weight of the body when we walk or stand. However, it is also the most neglected part as well. Ankle injuries can be subtle and the pain is easy to ignore. We often neglect an ankle pain till it gets aggravated. However early detection can help in speedy recovery and also minimizes the damage.
Ankle injuries are easy to ignore. We have seen many incidences where A&E doctors have sent patients with a simple advice to take rest without really looking into the actual cause of the ankle pain. These patients often come to us when the pain becomes unbearable and the injured area swollen. To prevent situation from worsening patients need to know when you treat at home and when to see a specialist.

Few of the common ankle pain symptoms are the following:

  • Pain in ankle while trying to stand up or walking
  • Swollenness, numbness or tingling pain
  • Pain while lifting the foot from the ground
  • Instability and inability to put pressure on the affected ankle
  • Burning pain
  • Tenderness
  • Stiff ankle

Rheumatism can also be a common cause of ankle pain. Arthritis, gout in which the affected area also swells, and osteoarthritis are also few of the common causes. The intensity of pain in each case can vary widely along with the cause and hence, it is wise to see a doctor without delay.
Long ignored ankle pain can cause serious damage to your overall well being. It can cause difficulty walking, change your gait, or meddle with your body’s equilibrium and causing bone erosion. So, when in ankle pain, you wouldn’t wise to ignore it. There is now a new branch of ankle treatment medication that specializes in treating injured ankles. Following are the ankle problems often treated by the team of toe surgeons.

Footballer’s Ankle:

It is often seen in sportspersons and dancers when the tendons are caught between the bones at the frontal part of the foot. Depending on the nature of the injury, doctors may suggest surgery.

Posterior Ankle Impingement:

When the injury occurs at the backside of the ankle – often happens to footballers and ballerinas. Specially performed MRI and CT scan may be required for diagnosis. The condition may need surgical treatment.

Weak Ankle:

Weak ankle is treated both surgically and non-surgically depending on the condition of the injury. It is often the cause when a ligament is stretched or torn.

Ankle Arthritis:

Sometimes an old injury can cause prolonged damage to your ankle. Ankle arthritis is one of the common results of such injuries.