Minimally Invasive Flat Foot Surgery: Mr. Kaser Nazir

Kaser Nazir, is a specialist foot surgeon who performs minimally invasive flat foot corrective surgery using the Hyprocure sinus tarsi stent.  He works at Guys & St Thomas’ NHS trust and on Harley Street at the London Foot & Ankle Surgery.  He has been using the Hyprocure implant since 2008 to corrective flexible foot deformity in especially the young and non-arthritic foot.

What does modern Invasive Flat Foot Surgery involve:

– Small incision over the outer side of the ankle/foot
– Placement of a small stent in to the canal that prevents the foot from collapsing.
– No Cast
– 1-2 weeks non weight bearing
– Trainers after 2 weeks
– Sports after 3 months

What causes flat feet?

Mostly a genetic link exists but certain hypermobility/laxity disorders or tendon failures can cause it.

Can all Flat feet be corrected?

This procedure only corrects flexible flat feet with no Arthritis. Rigid flat foot deformities or very severe flat foot deformity is still best corrected using osteotomies/fusions/tendon transfer procedures.

How long is it before I can wear normal shoes?

Usually 6-8 weeks following operation

How long before I can go to the gym?

You can return to light exercise after 6 weeks but any significant impact will not be allowed for 12-16 weeks.

Can I have the procedure under local anesthesia?

Yes, the procedure can be done under local anesthesia.

How long does the invasive flat foot procedure take?

Typically, the procedure takes 30 minutes.

Can both feet be done at the same time?

It is not recommended as the initial recovery involves non weight bearing

When can I get my feet wet after the surgery?

Typically after 10 days. You can shower using a protective Limbo device before.

What are the risks of bunion surgery?

General risks of surgery:
– Infection 0.5-1%
– Deep Vein thrombosis/ Pulmonary Embolism
– Scar problem
– Prolonged swelling
– Complex regional pain syndrome
Hyprocure Surgery related risks:
– Ankle stiffness
– Nerve irritation/numbness
– Further surgery
– Removal of implant
– Implant migration
– Pain in ankle

Is my Operation covered by Private Medical Insurance?

Mr. Kaser Nazir is covered under all private medical insurance providers. Please enquire with us for more information.
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