Opening of Podiatry Clinic at Dubai London Clinic

Podiatry Clinic at Dubai London Clinic

Podiatry Clinic in Dubai is opening at Dubai London Clinic in August 2015. The clinic will provide consultation and treatment for all foot and lower limb problems with podiatrist trained in the UK with NHS and private practice experience.
The podiatrists will be providing visiting services to patients in Dubai and the very latest expertise in podiatry and foot surgery. We will be treating conditions such as verrucae and ingrown toe nails as well as running a one stop heel pain clinic using the very latest ultrasound guided injection techniques and electro-corporeal shockwave treatment.
A comprehensive Foot Surgery Service will also be available to treat hammer toes, bunions, foot deformity and flat feet.
Our Podiatrists will also provide a comprehensive gait analysis and orthotics service providing specialised insoles using 3D technology from the UK.
Please contact the Dubai London Clinic for an appointment and visiting schedule.
For information about our services, please contact our local representative Dr. Nuri on 056 217 2322 or by email on