Cosmetic Foot Surgery – An Overview

Cosmetic foot surgery essentially means improving the appearance of your feet through surgical means. Whilst most foot surgery is performed for foot deformities, such as Bunions and long toes that have become hammered, a cosmetic approach to foot surgery often also achieves excellent functional results. Performing cosmetic foot surgery is not unusual for a podiatric […]

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Bunions: Diagnosis, Cause and Treatment

What Causes Bunions A Bunion is a common foot complaint, which involves the big toe joint slowly deviating from its natural position. The condition will typically present as a bony bump below the base of the big toe that protrudes outwards from the foot. Bunion symptoms include: A bulging bump below the big toe Swelling, […]

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What is a Hammer Toe?

A Hammertoe, also known as a claw toe, is a deformity that gradually causes your toe to bend downward. The second, third, fourth or fifth toes are affected most often and the deformity usually develops over time as a result of chronic inflammation arthritis, ligament injury or wearing poorly-fitted shoes. Symptoms of Hammer Toes A […]

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Important to Learn About Treatment of Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is a type of non cancerous and benign nerve tissue growth, which can lead to pain. It mainly occurs between the 3rd and 4th toes. If you have been diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma it is important to learn about treatment options. People who are diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma may be asked to change […]

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Foot Injury: Affect You at Any Point of Time

Whether you are an active sports person who loves to indulge in a lot of high octane fitness activities or prefer to live a laid back life, a foot injury or foot disorder can affect you at any point of time.

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The Numerous Types of Arthritis & Treatment Methods

With increasing old age, it is possible for a person to develop arthritis. Arthritis can be described as a form of joint inflammation that can be caused by wearing and tearing of the tissues or the bone.

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The importance of wearing proper shoes for management of Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia is a really painful condition that affects the feet. In this condition, the ball of the foot is affected by pain. This pain can be exacerbated by wearing unsuitable footwear or overusing certain muscles in the wrong way.

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Sports Injuries: common across all types of competitive sports

Sports injuries are common. There is no shortage of instances when your favorite players are ruled out of important tournaments due to injury.

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Foot Treatments: The Problem of Flat Foot

Flat foot is not solely a cosmetic issue. Flat foot is capable of disrupting normal functionality as well. This is primarily the reason why it remains one of the most sought after foot treatments sought today. Flat Foot: Is it Really a Problem? Very simply put, a flat foot deprives you of a normal arch […]

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What you should Know about Verruca Treatment?

‘Verruca’ refers to a type of wart occurring on the sole of your foot. Generally warts are not really that painful, but people do find them embarrassing. Verruca – on the other hand can be quite painful. So, if you are experiencing verruca-like symptoms at present – do make sure that you are getting in […]

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