Significant Things to Know About Metatarsalgia: Major Cause of Ball of Foot Pain!

Metatarsalgia, Ball of Foot Pain

Metatarsalgia is the medical term for which is commonly known as “The ball of foot Pain”. It is generally used to describe a number of medical conditions responsible for it.
The term Metatarsalgia is derived from the following names:
The long bones in the foot are known as metatarsals and the end where the metatarsals join with the toes are termed as metatarsals phalangeal joints. As a result, combining the name of the bones- metatarsal with the suffix- algia which means pain, we get the word Metatarsalgia.
After knowing the most important thing about the cause for the pain in the ball of the foot let us have a look at other things that would mainly include the cause of this condition:

  • A very common symptom of Metatarsalgia is the deep, achy pain that is caused under the ball of the foot which sometimes feels like a sharp stabbing when you are standing or walking.
  • Other types of pain may include tingling or severe shooting pain in the toes while walking on a lump or cord or a “bunched up sock” under the foot. When you wear narrow shoes this may enhance the pain to a greater extent.
  • Faulty foot mechanics, ill-fitting shoes or other such type of reasons are also responsible for Metatarsal.
  • Generally, athletes and runners have a greater risk of developing Metatarsalgia due to the repetitive forefoot impact. In fact, anyone who plays the sport that involves push-off at the forefoot could lead to this potential problem.
  • Also, the structural deformities like the hammertoes are also responsible for this kind of pain.

Thus, one has to take into account several factors that lead to the Metatarsalgia. There is not just one factor but several factors that could lead to Ball of Foot Pain problems.