Top Specialists Foot Centres: London Foot & Ankle Surgery & The London Foot Clinic

Two of London’s top specialists foot centres have merged forces to provide the most comprehensive foot and ankle service on Harley Street and a second branch on Sloane Street in Central London.
The collaboration provides the expertise of Podiatrists, Podiatric Foot Surgeons and Orthopaedic Foot Surgeons to provide expert care to patients.

London Foot Centres

Mr. Nazir was quoted in providing his vision for this collaboration “Private care in the UK has to differentiate itself from the NHS service. I feel that the only was is to improve patient experience by providing a bespoke foot and ankle service and the very best expertise. We started by formulating care pathways that are evidence based and can be incorporated into a ONE STOP CLINIC. For example our patients have a consultation followed by any investigations or imaging on the same day. They are followed up and tests are initiated immediately. The radiologists all sit in house as well as sports doctors and Physio.
All of our post-op foot and ankle surgery patients are given a comprehensive rehab and Physio plan, again all in house.
Our billing department has expertise in dealing with insurance companies and will bill your private medical insurer directly provided authorisation is achieved by the patients.
We have a single focus and that is the patient and their problem. We treat all foot and ankle problems at the foot centres. We aim to investigate thoroughly and provide our patients with a firm diagnosis.
Please visit our extensive patient information portal. Please feel free to email us: or call on 020 7820 8007 for further information.