Verruca Removal Surgery in London

Verrucae can be persistent viral warts that spread on bottom of your feet. They are often picked up from common changing rooms and bathing areas.

Verruca Removal Surgery

At London Foot & Ankle Surgery, we receive referrals by GP’s and via
medical insurance companies for verruca removal London from patients who have attempted years of
treatment with verruca removal plasters, acids and freezing
(cryotherapy) that has failed.
Mr Nazir performs verruca removal surgery which effectively involves a
local anaesthetic followed by carefully cauterising (burning) and
removing the verruca layer by layer. The wound is then dressed and
gradually heals over a period of a few weeks in most cases. You can
return to work the following day and manage the dressings at home.
The success rate ranged for 80-90% with this treatment at London Foot
& Ankle Surgery
and is performed as an out-patient procedure.