When to Visit a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Well, most people visit doctors and health specialists to get the right treatment for their conditions. The feet are often the most neglected part of the body and people who suffer from painful foot conditions rarely visit experienced medical professionals when they should.

The best way to resolve issues with your feet is to visit a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon practicing. They will investigate the affected area and advise you on the best way to treat it. Surgery will only be used as a final intervention and there are many non-invasive and conservative treatments for most foot conditions. However, a long standing problem is often best resolved by opting for a quick surgical procedure. Once the bones in your feet are aligned perfectly and the joints restored to their normal function, pain will lessen and disappear altogether with little or no chances of recurrence.

If you experience any of the following foot conditions, it is best to contact a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon as early on as possible.

  • Bunions: A bunion is where your big toes lean towards the second toe, with the joint at the base becoming prominent. This condition is painful and requires effective intervention by a skilled podiatrist. However, severe cases may be solved via surgery to realign the joint bones and restore them to the correct position with aid of screws and wires. Recent statistics reveal that 94.7% of patients who have undergone surgical management for Bunions have been totally cured and experience no problems post surgery.
  • Hammertoe: This issue is almost always associated with the second toe of the foot; the one adjacent to the big toe. Bunions cause the toe to bend, with the central joint forced into an abnormal position. This results in pain especially when wearing shoes. Fusing the concerned joint with a surgical pin is known to relieve the pain and treat the condition effectively. The success rate of surgery is well over 92%, making it the best treatment for addressing a Hammertoe.
  • Morton’s Neuroma: Morton’s Neuroma may feel like a burning pain that radiates upwards once you set your foot on a surface. This results from swelling of a nerve located in the ball of your foot. Pinching of the joints at the knuckles are believed to be the root cause of a Neuroma. Wearing narrow shoes that restrict the joints can exacerbate or cause a Neuroma. The condition, if left untreated, can lead to numbness of the affected area with the nerve being swollen greatly. While injecting the painful area with steroids and alcohol have been known to control both the inflammation and the pain to a certain extent, surgical intervention is often required in the long run. A Podiatric Surgeon will excise the nerve to eliminate further damage to the area, which can completely resolve symptoms.