What you should Know about Verruca Treatment?

‘Verruca’ refers to a type of wart occurring on the sole of your foot. Generally warts are not really that painful, but people do find them embarrassing. Verruca – on the other hand can be quite painful. So, if you are experiencing verruca-like symptoms at present – do make sure that you are getting in touch with a qualified Verruca Specialist. In the course of this post, we will go on to explore a few aspects of this particular foot condition.

Cryotherapy: How Verruca Are Treated

To start with, this condition can be treated with cryotherapy, which entails the freezing of your verruca with the help of a very cold substance (generally liquid nitrogen). It remains to be the standard treatment for verruca and can be provided at most podiatry centres.

Cryotherapy is a fairly painful treatment, so it may well be administered with local anesthesia. However, In most of cases this won’t be recommended.

Learning about the Procedure: What Should You Expect?

Your podiatrist might part the upper layer of the skin (here the wart) before applying the liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen may be sprayed directly on the wart. In most of cases, these warts take around 1 to 4 treatments spanning over 1 to 3 weeks.

Verruca Removal Surgery might be accompanied by some kind of pain, which might last up to 3 to 4 days. You can expect to heal entirely within a week or two. Expect little or no scarring. It is important to find out how you can treat blisters, should they form immediately after the surgery. Don’t panic if the blister breaks – because that’s definitely not uncommon. If the blister breaks make sure you clean the area properly to prevent the spread of the wart virus. It takes two or three days for a blister to dry up – after which the wart will inevitably fall off.

What Else Should You Be Aware Of

Needless to say, you should acquaint yourself with the risks of cryotherapy. If treated carefully, risks such as swelling, heat, increased pain, red streaks and mild fever, among others, might as well be averted.