When should you see a podiatric?

As has been said already on so many occasions your feet are always being exposed to the maximum amount of stress in your body. It could suffer from scuff-ups, which seem to be everyday occurrence for a lot of people, or it could also suffer from some chronic issue due to years of abuse. However, it always pays to see a toe specialist or even a podiatric surgeon for that matter. Ingrown toenails are definitely one such situation where the help of these experts is needed. Quite often your toes might turn scarlet and it could be accompanied by plenty of fluids being drained from that area.

Why does that happen?

This could happen because of an infection that has come about because of an ingrown toenail. An ingrown toenail happens when a part of your nail grows inside the tissue of your toe. This is where a toe specialist can be of such help by suggesting the right treatment for your condition. He can prescribe the antibiotics that would help lessen your pain. In case if it is necessary he will remove a part of the nail in question or even the entire thing.


These are basically ugly bulges at the base of the big toe. They normally happen when the concerned joint or bone goes out of shape. If you do not treat them at the right time you can be sure that they will cause you more irritation and a greater amount of pain. They will make sure that you cannot wear your shoes properly and there would definitely be some big injury. This is where a podiatric specialist can provide a proper plan of treatment that would involve things such as padding and wrapping. In extreme cases, they may even do some surgery and remove the bunion.

Athlete’s foot:

At times you can yourself cure athlete’s foot with over-the-counter meds. However, this fungal infection that commonly happens on the bottom of your feet or in between your toes can become quite itchy as well, and thus get really painful in the process. It would make the skin in that part dry and scaly. At times, even cracks would be formed over there, especially when it seems that the condition just would not be cured. In such cases you should definitely see a podiatric. They can suggest ways to remove it by using prescription pills and creams.

Strains and sprains:

If after your foot is injured it swells, becomes red, and there is pain then it is a clear sign that you may have sprained or strained your feet. It could also be that you may have stretched a muscle or torn a ligament. If the pain and swelling do not go away then you may have to see a podiatry specialist. Normally in such situations you may find it quite difficult to walk as well. These doctors can create protective casts for your leg and also suggest ways in which you can care for this leg while you are at home.