Podiatrist - Dubai based

Noor Janahi Podiatrist in Dubai

Noor Janahi Podiatrist - Dubai based

Noor Obtained her Bachelor of Science in Podiatry from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh in 2005. She has extensive experience in diagnosing, treating, operating upon and prescribing for a wide range of foot and ankle pathologies.

She has developed interest in the field of Podiatric surgery and therefore expanded her scope of practice through enrolling into the Podiatric Surgery course and gained Postgraduate Diploma with Distinction in the Theory of Podiatric Surgery (2007).

Noor established the first Podiatry clinic (public and private) within the Bahrain and splits her time between Bahrain and Dubai where she provides consultations and treatment.

Her main interests are managing sports related foot injuries using the latest available techniques such as Ultrasound guided injections and PRP, and the prevention and management of high-risk patients such as patients with diabetic foot disease.