Painful Toes at Night – What’s Causing Your Discomfort and How to Find Relief

Toe pain at night can be due to a variety of reasons including circulatory issues, where you have loss of circulation as well as conditions that are causing inflammation of the joints that may be either due to rheumatic conditions or generalised wear and tear.

It is important to find the underlying problem and you may need a vascular opinion if you find that your toes are becoming white and numb and that they cramp. If the pain is just due to inflammation then icing the feet and the toes carefully for 10 minutes prior to sleeping and then using a home sock and a pillow under your feet would allow the swelling to reduce.

Understanding the Cause of Painful Toes

Painful toes can be related to some serious conditions such as poor blood circulation in which there is narrowing of the arteries that go towards the lower half of your leg and the feet. You should see a vascular surgeon if this is suspected and may need specialised scans. Other reasons may be damage to the nerves, especially in diabetic patients that due to uncontrolled diabetes and opinion from the diabetologist in terms of the overall diabetic care may need to be obtained.

Other causes such as injuries and inflammation can be managed through rest and appropriate use of footwear to protect your feet.

When Should I See a Healthcare Professional for My Painful Toes at Night?

If the pain is persistent and is present for more than a week then Mr Nazir would recommend that you see a healthcare specialist and try to identify the underlying possible causes which may be a mixture of diabetes and poor circulation or an injury. You may need a specialised scan or investigations of your general health to determine the underlying cause.