Remedies for Heel Pain: Natural Remedies for Heel Pain-Get Back to Your Feet Without Drugs

Heel pain is commonly caused by either inflammation of the thick band of tissue on the heel known as plantar fascia. The condition is known as plantar fasciitis. Other problems could be due to fracture of the heel or bruising of the heel as well as occasional injuries that are related to the nerves either from your back or local entrapment.

Heel pain relief very much depends on the cause but in terms of treating the plantar fasciitis naturally Mr Kaser Nazir suggests that the following treatments are implemented as soon as possible:

  • As a natural remedy, one starts to stretch the calf muscles and hamstring, as the underlying problem appears to be poor biomechanics and poor walking pattern due to the tightness of these very important muscle groups.
  • Ice the heel after a period of walking towards the end of the day. Apply an ice pad for no longer than 10 minutes a day. This will allow the swelling of soft tissue around the heed to naturally settle.

Stretching Exercises That Unlock Foot Flexibilities.

Gentle calf stretches against the wall or with an elastic band will help improve foot function and stretch the plantar fascia.

Furthermore, you can strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the foot by doing intrinsic toe curling exercises of the toes, where repetitions of these are performed as if you are picking the towel or piece of paper from the floor. A towel is commonly used for this and the purpose is not that you can necessarily pick the towel but the attempting nature of the exercise will allow strength building.

Proper Foot Care Holistic Approach

Keeping your feet in good nick is pertinent in ensuring foot problems are minimised. Regular removal of hard skin, moisturisation of the feet, and building strength is important.

Footwear Makeover Choosing Comfort Over Style

Footwear plays an important part in treating the heel pain. A rigid sole with lots of cushioning is the first step in terms of achieving a comfortable shoe that protects your heel. A small arch support or raise at the back will allow relaxation and support for the plantar fascia and help the plantar fascia healed or prevent it from getting inflamed in the first place.

Massage Therapy for Heel

You should start by massaging the area, then work your way out of the area of pain. Needling the area with the knuckles of your hand and fingers will allow deep massage. It will also improve circulation in the area and any tension of the plantar fascia will be reduced.

Maintain A Healthy Weight Will Lighten the Load on Your Feet

Most people will notice that when their symptoms commence in terms of plantar fascia and heel pain that they have naturally put on some weight during the time period also.

Therefore, losing weight by exercising and managing your diet with lifestyle changes will allow you to lose weight and be lighter on your feet.