The importance of wearing proper shoes for management of Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia is a really painful condition that affects the feet. In this condition, the ball of the foot is affected by pain. This pain can be exacerbated by wearing unsuitable footwear or overusing certain muscles in the wrong way. Metatarsalgia is frequently associated with many other types of foot condition. Since the condition causes a lot of pain and discomfort, it can make it difficult for a patient to have a smooth day to day quality of life. The metatarsals are basically a cluster of bones that link the ankle to the toes. Therefore strain exerted on the muscles present around these structures may cause pain just around ball of foot. The muscles and nerves become inflamed and pain may be caused by rubbing of the bones.

The condition is usually caused by the overuse of some specific muscles within the foot and the subsequent stress. The ball of the foot may become inflamed due to muscular strains or strenuous exercise. This means that in most cases metatarsalgia affects athletes or those who are involved in physical sports. In some cases, existing conditions like Achilles tendonitis, hammertoe and weak toe muscles may cause or aggravate metatarsalgia. People who have high foot arches may also find themselves struggling with metatarsalgia since this causes substantial strain on the other muscles, which in turn leads to metatarsalgia-related pains. Wearing incorrect footwear can make the condition worse and therefore it is very important to wear shoes that perfectly suit the feet structure and lifestyle of the wearer.

It is very important that a patient wears the right kind of shoes, as this can help in containing the condition and reducing the painful sensations associated with it. By wearing sensible, comfortable and well-fitted shoes a person can take good care of the feet and reduce the painful sensations to minimum. It is extremely important to wear shoes that can offer proper cushioning and support to the feet. If you are affected by Metatarsalgia, your feet can go through a lot of shock and trauma when you are exercising or moving on rugged and uneven terrains.

When you wear the right kind of footwear, the shoes can easily absorb the shock caused by your feet hitting the ground as you run or walk. The shoes that are ideal for metatarsalgia pain distribute your body weight safely and evenly, thereby keeping you perfectly comfortable as you move. The best thing is that there are currently numerous companies that specialize in designing and manufacturing shoes that are suited for patients who have metatarsalgia. You can actually discuss your case with your doctor and he or she can advise on the most appropriate shoes.