Some Common but Really Helpful Foot Health Tips

Our feet bear our weight all day. They keep us mobile. But unfortunately, it is often the most neglected part of our body. We are ready to spend thousands on our clothes and accessories, but are reminded of our limited funds only when it comes to buying a pair of shoes that would be comfortable. It is only when our feet start giving us trouble that we realize how important it is to keep them healthy.

So, here are some common but really helpful foot health tips.

  • Clean and Dry Feet: This is the first and foremost condition to keep your feet healthy. Scrub clean your feet regularly. Drying them up, especially between the toes, is equally important because damp pores are the ideal breeding place for fungus.
  • Clipped Toenails: Cutting toenails is another important part of foot health. Cut them straight across and never too close to the toe skin. Avoid too much trimming at the corners because ingrown toenails are very painful.
  • Feet Examination: Every day, while showering, examine your feet for any kind of deformity, peeling or scaling. Check your nails minutely. Remember discolored nails can be a symptom of fungal infection. This should be your mandatory regime if you are diabetic. Do not make the mistake of hiding deformed, discolored or ugly nails with nail paint as it may worsen the condition.
  • Sharing is Not Caring: The age-old saying should be periodically forgotten – avoid sharing footwear because fungal infections are highly contagious.
  • Special Efforts for Sweaty Feet: Sweaty smelly feet are not only an embarrassment but also a serious health hazard. Bacterial infection is just a matter of time for sweaty feet. Wear socks and pantyhose that do not trap moisture. It may sound weird but it is a fact that cotton or woolen fibers hold moisture while synthetic fibers don’t. So wear synthetic socks with leather shoes, which allow circulation of air and increase breathability.
  • Choice of Footwear: This is probably the most crucial foot health tip. When you are buying footwear, comfort and fit should be the last word, especially if it is the pair which you plan to wear for a longer period of time. Your shoe should be a broad and rounded one with stable heel, and have ample room for the toes. Pointed shoes with pencil heels may have enhanced fashion sense but are too low on comfort factor.
  • See the Doctor: Listen to your body. If you feel any kind of pain, do not ignore it. It will only prolong your pain and worsen the problem. Go and see the doctor first thing. Any discomfort, irritation or redness that has persisted for a considerable span of time should be immediately queried with a podiatrist. If diagnosed at an early stage, treatment and recovery will likely be smooth. Else, complicated procedures may be required. So, consulting a doctor at the earliest can save you a lot of trouble.

These are few basic foot health tips. But if you follow them rigorously, you can keep your feet pain free and healthy.